Thursday, 19 January 2017

Top 10 things you can do to speed up your site

10 things you can do to speed up your site

1. Minimize HTTP Requests

2. Reduce server response time

3. Enable compression

4. Enable browser caching

5. Minify Resources

6. Optimize images

7. Optimize CSS Delivery

8. Prioritize above-the-fold content

9. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site

10. Reduce redirects

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Friday, 11 November 2016

SEO On page optimization Techniques

SEO On page optimization Techniques

Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Heading Tag Optimization
XML Sitemap Creation
HTML Sitemap Creation
Robots.txt Creation
Keyword Density Checker
Duplicate Content Checker
Alternative ALT Tag
Interlinking Structure optimization
Keywords Relevance Checker
Mobile Responsive Checker
301,404,500 Error Checker
W3 Validation Checker
HTML Validation Checker
URL Structure
Internal Links and Outbound Links Checker
Site Speed Checker
Look at your site and see if there is anything slowing down the speed.
• Leverage Browser Caching • Optimize Plugins & Images
• Use GZIP Compression
• Switch to Faster Hosting
• Clean Up HTML & CSS Coding
• Eliminate Ads
• Minimize Redirects
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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Using H1 Tag Improves Search Engine Ranking

Heading Tags or H1 tags ARE very important rule for SEO Algorithms.

What are Header Tags?

Header tags are integrated into your HTML code to highlight main elements on your page for search engines. These tags generally follow a hierarchy of sections (Starting from H1-H6) by level of importance in order to create and summarize and structure for a webpage.

 Header Tag Dos and Don’ts:


Use a heading structure and follow proper order

Include only one H1 tag on Each Page

Create a direct correlation between the language used in your H1 header and your Title tag

Include small content to support each header.


Don’t Use the same type of heading on every page.

Use headers in your CMS solely to enlarge font size.

Go overboard and abuse header tags.

Dont use H1 tags multiple times

H1 Tag SEO Sequence:

For example, here is where I live:

<h1>SEO </h1>

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Choosing software and web designing services

Finding project companies

A project company provides various types of services for those who want to run a successful business. It plays a key role in fulfilling the needs of students, business companies, software firms and individuals to achieve their goals in proper methods. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a right firm which delivers excellent services to clients. There are several sources which are available today for collecting details about them to select services depending on the needs. One can also go the reviews and testimonials of project centers in different locations. Online shows ways for this process for identifying project centers in Chennai to choose services according to needs. Experts from these centers will help for completing all types of projects on time by addressing essential requirements. In fact, they provide methods for handling complex problems to a wider extent.

Software development projects

Software applications are essential for all types of companies for executing various works in an efficient manner. They also help for increasing the productivity and efficiency levels in companies to ensure best results. Another advantage is that it paves methods for improving the quality of products by minimizing errors.  Instructions for developing school, inventory, payroll, library, hotel and cargo management software products can be known from project centers to maintain standards. Website Development in Chennai involves custom programming, database design and internet applications to witness major changes. Furthermore, software applications make feasible ways for reducing maintenance costs in organizations by resolving complex issues. Satisfaction guarantee is assured for clients after selecting both web design and software development services. Furthermore, one can be able to prevent mistakes in production and other departments with software services. Ideas for implementing software products are also offered by project centers to reach next levels.For More information

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Mobile App Campaign Types You Need To Know

Adwords App Campaign Types First you analyze which type of PPC campaign you would like to run for your mobile app(s).You have 4 options: • Display app install campaigns • Search app install campaigns • YouTube TrueView • Universal app campaigns In above All 4 types of ads will run on your mobile devices and tablets. Universal App Campaigns: A Universal App Campaign is a variety of AdWords campaign or PPC campaign which is very simple to set up for universal app campaigns that campaigns only work with Android and not iOS. Here are the steps.

 1. First create the campaign from the campaign tab in AdWords Account


 2. Next step, Enter your Campaign name and then Ad Words can generate your ad from any two lines of text given.


 3. Finally, place your bid and budget. you can choose the target CPA bid strategy that methods helps to get as more App installs for target cost-per-Acquisition.

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